Sunday, March 01, 2020

Marks of a Disciple

To be a disciple of Jesus requires a radical and continual evaluation of life. Jesus requires His disciples to follow Him in every way. We can take this sentence, “Being a disciple of Jesus requires me to evaluate how I blank (fill in the blank) and make changes as necessary.” The blank can be eat, drink, work, love, dress, drive, and play. In short, the blank is best filled with the word, “everything.” Being a disciple of Jesus requires me to evaluate how I do everything.”
Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

Obey the Servant’s Voice

We live in a scary world filled with terror, evil, corruption, sickness, and death. Living in this world is like living in a dark, terrifying cave. Our church is facing many difficult challenges. We have relationship challenges, health challenges, temptations, and many other challenges trying to separate us from God. Each challenge is a test of our faith. Will cancer draw us closer to God’s voice or further away? Will the death of a baby draw us closer or further from God? Will marriage troubles and relationship difficulties bring us closer or further from God’s voice? Trust God! Listen to the voice of His Servant.
Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-11

Living for God's Glory

The main idea of the message today is this: Find joy and purpose by submitting to God’s will for your life and live for His glory. The Bible teaches that when we live in harmony with the will of God and when our purpose in life aligns with His, we obtain great joy and fulfillment. Life will have meaning and purpose. We will have the peace that passes all understanding. We will understand how to persevere through difficult times. We pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done. We must live our prayer.
Scripture: Romans 4:20-21; Revelation 19:7; Matthew 5:16; Psalm 145:10-12