The Choice

Romans 6:23

“For the wages of sin is death…….”

The Choice

                Imagine having a choice. If you choose to obey person number 1 you can live in bliss with no struggling, no pain, no sorrow, no death, no wars, no fighting, no depression, no anxiety, and have everything that you need supplied to you in abundance. Choosing this person would cause you to live in a world of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, and kindness. Life is the only option and joy is the only experience you will have.

                The second choice you have is obeying person number 2. If you obey this person then the world you live in will be characterized by death and destruction. On a macro scale there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be people who are looking to destroy other people and people groups. Countries will be divided and governments will be at war. There would be people who would steal and sell people for sex and drugs. Babies would be dying and not be allowed to live. Crazy people would storm into schools, cinemas and other venues to murder mass quantities. You would have to put locks on your doors, your cars, your personal belongings, your cell phones, your computers and everything else that you would consider valuable so that others would not steal your things, your identity, your family, or your money.

                Obeying person number 2 would cause you to always be on search for personal happiness. You would always be void of contentment and solidarity. You will be offended easy when someone looks at you a certain way. You can never have enough of anything because it will never satisfy your deepest longings. You may struggle with eating and drinking in abundance to the point of death. You will worry, be depressed, experience anxiety and may not know when your next meal will come. You may have many relationships with different people and genders because you will be driven by self-gratification which may eventually lead to disease and death. Anger, malice, gossip, slander will be things that you practice and others will practice them against you. Obeying person number 2 will leave your life on the verge of tragedy any point of any day. You will be constantly fighting battles you can’t win or will become lethargic and remove yourself from the society in which you live.

                Sadly, the truth is someone made a bad choice and that choice continues to be made on a day to day basis. We live in a world that obeys person number 2. Person number 2 ranges from the serpent in Genesis chapter 3 in which the first humans made a choice that threw the entire human race into chaos, to obeying our fleshly desires regardless of the consequence. This chaos lives today as we can look at all the examples in paragraph number two and three, and think of examples in our own homes, families, and in the world. The reason is found in Romans 6:23, “for the wages of sin is death.”

The choice we naturally make is to not choose person number 1 who is God. The result is death. Everyone’s life is destined to end in death because we do not obey God and do not want to obey God. Our sinful nature wants God dead. Evidence of this may be found in someone who is reading this post and disagreeing that disobeying God is the primary reason why our world is the way it is. We naturally do not like the one true God.

Death makes itself known in each of our lives as we struggle with contentment and just struggle along in general. The first consequence of disobeying God is that we are spiritually dead. This means we naturally do not believe in God and His ways and this is the primary reason life is the way it is. We actually do not experience true life, we experience death and that’s why it is so prominent in our world.

There is hope! The other half of Romans 6:23 is, “but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” We can still make a choice. We can choose to put our faith in the only true God that exists. He made Himself known to us through Jesus Christ. When we receive Him as the only One we will obey then He saves us from death. He promises us eternal life which is free. No strings attached! We will still experience this sinful world but with new eyes. He speaks in the Bible and when we dedicate our life to Him and live to grow in His grace and knowledge found in the Bible then we will start to experience life. He is coming back and will deliver us entirely from this world and give us new bodies and a new purpose. We can begin to have this relationship with Him now.

There are a lot of people hurting in this world and maybe you can include yourself. The promise of eternal life remains through Jesus Christ who owns all things and is compassionate, loving, kind, merciful, and full of grace and truth. You do not have to prove yourself to Him, all you have to do is learn from Him and work on putting into practice what He teaches you through the Bible. This is a call for believers and non-believers alike. Please do not hesitate as there is a rest that can be experienced now in a world full of death and destruction! Don’t hesitate to start obeying Him today! Your life depends on it!