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Mary’s Song

Dec 22, 2019
There are hundreds, if not thousands of sermons written on this inspiring passage. These verses are a treasure-trove of theology. As we look at this passage, let’s take a slightly unconventional approach. Let’s examine the joy and excitement these two women express. Let’s imagine we are the proverbial fly on the wall and we observe these women as they lovingly greet one another. We get the sense that their worship of God bubbles out and that they are very, very happy.

Born of a Virgin

Dec 15, 2019
Born of a Virgin Luke provides for us a detailed account surrounding the birth of the prophesied forerunner of the Messiah, and the birth of the Messiah. It is highly…

Christ’s Forerunner

Dec 8, 2019
The first piece of evidence that Jesus is God in the flesh and Savior of the world is the account of an older couple who live in the hills of Judah. In Luke 1:5-25, we see the evidence of how God fulfills Old Testament prophecy. God prophecies that before the Messiah, there will be a forerunner. Luke begins by telling us of the birth of Christ’s forerunner.

The Exact Truth

Dec 1, 2019
MAIN IDEA:  Place your faith in the exact truth of God’s Word. The Son of Man Luke writes, so his readers will know and believe, with certainty, that Jesus Christ…

The Gift of Nurture

Oct 27, 2019
God’s Purpose For the Church Imagine we are missionaries entering a new culture. How should we evaluate the ways a different culture organizes and conducts their church ministry? How do…
The main idea of the message is that we will endeavor to fulfill our purpose as worshipping members of the church. We need to strive as a church, to be a unified worshipping body, and we need to strive as individuals to be a member of the body who worships. We see the scriptural basis behind this idea, and we will review practical suggestions on how to fulfill God’s purpose. We desire to please God in our obedience to His ways.

Eternal Worship

Oct 13, 2019
We are to place our hope in the eternal worship of His glory. This age will come to an end. All who put their faith in Christ will live forever with joy and satisfaction basking in the presence of God. We look forward to our eternal worship of enjoying God. We will say, “I have now understood why I am created. My purpose is to enjoy my God. God is the source of all my pleasure and gladness. My soul is full. My heart leaps with passion. I need not turn anywhere, but to look into the face of My Savior who loves me. I am content, consoled, and filled with peace as I am held close to His bosom.”

God’s Intimate Love

Oct 6, 2019
The main idea of the message is that we are to be enthralled with the intimate love of God. To be enthralled is to be held captive, spellbound, fascinated, and absorbed. The truth of God’s love is to permeate our mind, invoke deep feelings, pull on our heartstrings, and affect us in such a way, that God’s intimate love changes the way we live.