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We serve God as His witness by bringing Him glory. We are servants and the purpose of our being saved is that we will be a blessing to the nations by bringing the gospel of Jesus as well as the fruit of the gospel, which is love.

God’s Soul Delight

Sep 2, 2018
We have received mercy. We are redeemed from a dark dungeon. We are given sight and we may behold the risen Messiah who gives us life. God saves us that we may glorify His name.

Wait for the Lord

Aug 19, 2018
If our idea of God is that He is not the source for all we need for life, then we will look to Wall-Street financing to ensure we will live comfortably and despair when the markets crash. Or, we will put our trust in the world’s educational institutions to tell us how to live. But, if our idea of God is that He is all-wise, His word will be our primary source for education. We will trust His word to teach us and give us knowledge.
We have the best news on earth. There is comfort for the weary soul. Warfare is at an end. Conflict, destruction or turmoil are over. Everlasting peace is at hand. Turn swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. Stop striving and find rest. Drink from the well of living water and eat the bread which satisfies the deepest of hunger.
We are frail physically. None of us has any guarantee we will be alive tomorrow. We are frail in our faith. We experience doubt. We may be on the super-faith path one moment, and a train-wreck life experience comes our way, and we find we need the help of others to clear the doubts away. We are frail in our morality. Many who appear to be mighty Christians have fallen only to find themselves humbly licking their sin-inflicted wounds. Success in our Christian walk happens not because we are super-Christians, but because God’s grace keeps us in His hand.
If we want to pray like Hezekiah, let’s pray according to God’s will. “God, show Yourself to be strong in my life. Help me to be humble and servant-minded like Jesus.” “God, show us how we may have our household be in submission to the Lordship of Jesus.” “God, give me boldness to share the gospel of Jesus for the glory of Your salvation and the building of Your kingdom.” These are prayers according to God’s will.

Highway of Holiness

Jul 22, 2018
We need to tell all people to draw near and listen. We warn people of coming tornados and hurricanes. If there were an imminent threat of terror, we would warn as many as we could. Sound the warning sirens. Put up the hurricane flags. There is a great disaster coming to the earth, and it is far worse than any disaster the world has ever seen. Tell people to get to the shelter of God’s wings.

The King in His Beauty

Jul 15, 2018
God takes our weakness and failures, and He works all things for good. He takes us sinners and makes us glorious by conforming us into the image of His Son. He makes those who are dead and gives everlasting life. He takes away our sin and gives us His righteousness. God makes us who are weak more than conquerors. We serve an amazing, loving, gracious God.

Written for Our Hope

Jul 8, 2018
Why preach from the book of Isaiah? The Lord’s indictment to His people at the beginning of Isaiah’s prophecy is, “My people do not understand.” God’s people. Those who are…
MAIN IDEA: Glorify God by keeping the New Covenant and hoping in the Spirit-filled kingdom of Christ. Trust in a Glorious God Isaiah gives two metaphors to illustrate the nature…
Repent Rebellious Children (v. 1-7) Isaiah 30 is written for our benefit so that we may learn the consequences of living our life outside of God’s direction. In this chapter,…