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Heaven Speaks

Feb 2, 2020
The truth of Jesus is life-changing. It is to “rock our world,” “shake our foundations,” and cause us to stop in our tracks and evaluate everything about life. The truth about Jesus is the most important truth. It is said that Jesus brings peace and prosperity to the nations. He offers people comfort, security, and satisfaction. His followers claim there is unspeakable joy in His presence. To all who are sick, hungry, thirsty, and dying, Jesus offers healing, food, living water, and eternal life. There is no question that the claims of Jesus are astounding. If all that is said about Him is true, every person in the world ought to beg to know more about how they may have access to all that He offers.

Make Ready

Jan 26, 2020
Make Ready Luke begins chapter one of his gospel by telling of the prophesied forerunner to the Messiah. Zacharias and Elizabeth give birth to the forerunner, and they name him…

Submissive Son

Jan 19, 2020
The Bible encourages us to be like Jesus. God’s ultimate goal for us is to conform us into the image of Jesus Christ. We are to love as He loves, obey as He obeys, and to live as He lives. A common approach to Christianity is for us to ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” In other words, when given a life situation, it is wise for us to ponder how might Jesus respond or what might He say in the same situation. We are to imagine knowing the character of Jesus what He would do. In pondering this, it helps us have the wisdom to respond the same way. As we read about Jesus at the age of twelve, let’s examine His example, and look for ways we may do as Jesus does. Therefore, the main idea of the message today is to follow the example of Jesus and faithfully be obedient to God’s call on our life.

Contentment in Christ

Jan 12, 2020
Are you content with Jesus? Do you feel as though your life is complete because your eyes have seen Jesus? We have not seen Jesus in the flesh, but we know in our heart of God’s salvation. We can chase after things of this world. Or we can be content to have what Christ gives us. Content with holiness. Jesus is the way. Are we content with the way? Jesus is the truth. Are we content with knowing the truth? Are we content with the life Jesus gives, or are we looking for more in this world. A song that has meant much to me is, “I’d rather have Jesus.” I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold I'd rather be his than have riches untold I'd rather have Jesus than houses or land Yes I'd rather be led by his nail pierced hands Than to be the king of a vast domain and be held in sins dread sway I'd rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today The Apostle Paul says it well. He says: But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. (Philippians 3:7)

God is Born

Jan 5, 2020
God is Born! Many people read Luke each year during the Christmas season. It is a very familiar passage of Scripture. Many non-Christians can cite most of the details of…

God’s Tender Mercy

Dec 29, 2019
How do we see serving? How do we imagine heaven? Do we imagine heaven as the angels serving us as we put our feet up? On earth, we all imagine our greatest joy is found in being served by others. How delightful does spending eternity serving sound to our ears?

Mary’s Song

Dec 22, 2019
There are hundreds, if not thousands of sermons written on this inspiring passage. These verses are a treasure-trove of theology. As we look at this passage, let’s take a slightly unconventional approach. Let’s examine the joy and excitement these two women express. Let’s imagine we are the proverbial fly on the wall and we observe these women as they lovingly greet one another. We get the sense that their worship of God bubbles out and that they are very, very happy.

Born of a Virgin

Dec 15, 2019
Born of a Virgin Luke provides for us a detailed account surrounding the birth of the prophesied forerunner of the Messiah, and the birth of the Messiah. It is highly…

Christ’s Forerunner

Dec 8, 2019
The first piece of evidence that Jesus is God in the flesh and Savior of the world is the account of an older couple who live in the hills of Judah. In Luke 1:5-25, we see the evidence of how God fulfills Old Testament prophecy. God prophecies that before the Messiah, there will be a forerunner. Luke begins by telling us of the birth of Christ’s forerunner.

The Exact Truth

Dec 1, 2019
MAIN IDEA:  Place your faith in the exact truth of God’s Word. The Son of Man Luke writes, so his readers will know and believe, with certainty, that Jesus Christ…