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JAN 14TH, 2018 (7PM)

Scott Davis received Christ at the age of sixteen on July 10, 1979. s a graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where he attended on a full scholarship for traveling with the Light Singers. Since his graduation in 1984, Scott has traveled the U.S. and abroad to 25 countries.

He has appeared on Mark Lowry’s videos and has written comedy for Mark while under contract with Word Records. For a year, Scott appeared weekly on the national television show, “The Mark & Kathy Show,” with Mark Lowry and Kathy Troccoli. Along with his weekly appearances, he has been a guest on numerous religious and secular radio and television broadcasts, including an appearance with comedian Dennis Swanberg on “Swan’s Place.”

 In addition to his live performances, Scott is also a best selling author with his debut book release of “If My Body Is A Temple, Then I Was A Mega Church” which went to number six on Amazon’s list in it’s first week of release. His book is available worldwide, including the audio version, and in all bookstores including Barnes & Noble. His book was also printed in hardcover and available nationally through Crossings Book Club.

Among others, Scott Davis is recommended by Dr. Charles Stanley, Mike Tait of Newsboys, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, comedian Mark Lowry, and Phil Newberry of Bellevue Church in Memphis.

Scott and his wife Donna have one daughter and four grandchildren and reside in Stockbridge, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Watch Scott's demo videos and other media files online.