Rightly Dividing (accurately handling) the Word of Truth


John Piper…heard at T4G…my paraphrase…

“30 to 40 years ago, feminists trying to undermine the biblical basis for gender roles in church and society were misusing Galatians 3:28 [“there is neither male nor female”]. I objected to using this verse out of context, declaring that to use the verse this way was one step away from misusing Scripture to justify homosexuality and gay marriage. People angrily scoffed at me and laughed, asserting that these were ridiculous claims. No one would ever take it this far. WELL NO ONE IS LAUGHING NOW!”

We cannot underestimate the risks and dangers of of using Scripture out of context. Once an “out of context” meaning is widely embraced, it becomes an assumption (but a false assumption, unfortunately). Once a false assumption is embraced as truth, it becomes the basis for further error. All one needs to do is use one false assumption, and the rules of logic, and a you can create and propagate corrupt and damaging teaching.

Let’s all be “workman who do not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

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