Pray for Samuel and perhaps do even more


If you’re a regular in Bible Fellowship on Sunday mornings, you probably remember that we have prayed for Samuel Smith.

Samuel Smith is a 14 year old boy from Charlotte, Vermont who needs your fervent prayers.. and when he is a little stronger… he needs a kidney donor. Three of the six Smith children have a rare, genetically-recessive kidney disease, Juvenile Nephronophthisis, and retina pigmentosa, which together are called Senor-Loken Syndrome.

In March of 2007, Samuel was diagnosed with 10-15% kidney function, and was put on dialysis two days later. In Oct. 2007, he received a kidney from his Dad. Two unusual complications during the surgery damaged the new kidney and nearly cost Samuel his life twice during the 9-hour surgery! God’s protection was very evident that day. Samuel had to go back on dialysis, as the new kidney was not functioning. Samuel was hospitalized again from early December 2007 until mid-February 2008.. 75 days! Almost half of those days were spent in the ICU. During the last 3 months that Samuel has been at home, he has not been well.

Now, he is back in the hospital. He is very sick, in a lot of pain, very weak, and discouraged. (The picture above is from his stronger days before his last transplant.)

What can we do?
We can continue to pray for Samuel: physical healing and encouragement in the Lord. We can pray for his family: encouragement in the Lord, strength to keep the family running, effectiveness and perseverance in encouraging Samuel. We can pray for a new kidney for Samuel.

Perhaps you might consider donating a kidney. Obviously that’s a huge decision and one not to be made rashly. But perhaps after getting more information, considering relevant biblical principles, and seeking biblical counsel you will conclude that you are in a place to show such sacrificial love in this way.

For more information
Go to for more information on this family and Samuel’s situation. Also, you can email them here: smiths[@] (take out the brackets though; they are added here to save them from spam email).

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