Obama’s speech to the nations’s schools…a helpful perspective.

al mohlerThe Barack Obama speech to the nations school children has been a topic of much debate in the last week or two. Somehow I missed the whole thing until just a few days ago. Not surprisingly for anyone who knows me, I have significant disagreeements with numerous policies, proposals and ethical stands that the president and his administration has taken. However, I also think many people are very quick to express disagreement in a way that is unbecoming of a Christian. I’m not really interested in getting into the debate on any level, but I am interested in making sure that whatever we do, think and say about the president is biblical and God-honoring.

To that end, I encourage you to read this short article by Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and a prominent spokesman for the Southern Baptists. With balance and Christian grace, he helps us see the difference between careful analysis and conspiracy theory accusations. He also reminds us what our biblical responsibilities are to both God and government.

As always, I would welcome a good thread of comments.

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