Youth Ministries

Our youth ministry exists to assist parents in bringing up their young men and women in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. We do not assume the role of the parent but come along side them in providing teaching and resources that will reinforce what is being taught in the home.

Core Values for the Youth Ministry at CCC:

Parental Involvement

CCC strives to build strong families. We rely heavily on parent involvement in all aspects of youth ministry, and in no way encourage youth to disassociate, or distance themselves from parental involvement in any area of their lives. We strive to equip the parents to carry out this ministry. We request that all parents with teenagers in our youth ministry be involved in the youth ministry. There are plenty of opportunities for discipling young people, leading activities, and planning. Elders/Shepherds of CCC are involved in equipping parents for these tasks.


Church Involvement

We see our young people as a vital part of the church as a whole, not a separate entity pursuing a different spiritual agenda. To this end we encourage and provide opportunities for ministry and involvement within the church as well as in partnership with other church ministries.

God desires that young people learn from those who are older and wiser in the church. Older members of the body are exhorted to teach the younger (Titus 2). It is important that young people develop meaningful relationships with older adults in the church.

Our church as a whole (youth ministry included) strives to maintain as priorities worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism.


Enjoyable Activities

We want to help our young people enjoy life together. Fun activities and events are great opportunities for teens to build enjoyable, Christ-centered relationships with one another.


Strong Bible Teaching

Recognizing the intellectual capacity of teenagers and the responsibilities given to them by God for ministry in the church, we want to equip them with strong teaching from Scripture. Our goal is to equip them for the work of the ministry through the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We do not water down the Scriptures in order to entertain them.


Components of Youth Ministry at CCC:

Friday Youth Night: Friday 6-8:30 pm
On Friday nights, there is a time for studying God’s Word, worshiping God through joyful singing, spending time getting to know one another, and playing games.


Events and Activities

Periodically we hold various activities for the purposes of worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism. These may include fun events like volleyball, service events such as babysitting for the parents of the church or helping with Vacation Bible School, or evangelistic events such as our Summer Basketball Tournament.