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Freedom and healing from the chains of addiction


BREAK FREE from the chains of addiction through the transformative grace of the Lord Jesus Christ

Uplift at Christ Community Church is a relational aftercare ministry for people recovering from addiciton. Uplift is Christ-centered and Bible focused. Our structure involves select individuals and small groups as well as the entire church community to:

  • Provide intentional discipleship to men and women that have completed a recognized treatment program.
  • Encourage participants to experience freedom through submission to God’s will where working in their will has failed.
  • Teach by submerging them in God’s Word, encouraging and providing accountability.

Uplift Involves:

Jesus: Only Jesus can set us free. “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

Prayer: Pray regularly for yourself and others. Ask God for mercy and help in your time of need.

Learning: God cares and wants to help you with life. The Bible teaches God’s ways.

Relationship: Be willing to have honest and trusting relationships with others who care for your soul. Be held accountable for your words and actions.

Community: We need others. Participate in weekly Uplift meetings. Commit to a local church body.

Action: Find joy in serving God and others. Be a person of action. Take steps to stay free from addiction.


We care and we want to help by coming alongside you and walking with you on the road of addiction recovery. Find out if Uplift is right for you. Contact us. Do it for your joy and the joy of those you love.

Contact us by email, online, or phone.


603.675.5673 (office hours are 8am -3 pm, Mon-Thu)