March 29:  Jocelyn P. and Darlene R.
April 5:  Michael and Anne G.
April 12:  Bob and Toby B.
April 19:  Gary and Wendy B.
April 26:  Edna C. and Loretta E.
May 3:  Jocelyn P. and Darlene R.
May 10:  Darren and Becky W.
May 17:  Gary and Wendy B.
May 24:  Bob and Toby B.
May 31:  Michael and Anne G.
June 7:  Darren and Becky W.
June 14:  Jocelyn P. and Wendy B.
June 21:  Bob and Toby B.
June 28:  Gary and Wendy B.