Home Fellowships

True fellowship allows members to develop relationships with one another at a depth necessary to truly care for each others needs and hold one another accountable to the spiritual commitments we have made. For this reason we have made it a point to break down into smaller groups to eat (potluck style), sing, share, pray with one another, and study the Scriptures – in a more interactive way. These fellowships are a great way to encourage, love, and fellowship with one another in a personal and intimate setting. The home fellowships are the "heart-beat" of our discipleship program. Families with children are welcome.We have multiple home fellowships that meet on a weekly basis in communities surrounding Plainfield.  The home fellowships are designed around the four priorities of the church: worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism. The locations vary from season to season, so please call the church office for exact locations. Please contact us for more information about attending a home fellowship!