Ministry of the Word

There are many ways that we minister the Word of God to one another at Christ Community Church. Here are a few of the ways we disciple one another. Be sure to look at the other tabs in this section of our website for a more complete listing.


Every Sunday during the worship service we have a time of preaching. To preach is to speak on a particular Scripture passage or topic. It is the presentation of Scriptural truth. At Christ Community Church, we hold the preaching of God's Word with high-esteem. We employ the method of expository preaching which is a systematic method of explaining a particular text.

One-On-One Discipleship

We have many of our members get together on a regular basis to disciple one another on a personal, one-on-one level. Sometimes the get together is for prayer, other times for accountability, other times for Bible study or a book study, and often it is a combination of these and more. We highly encourage these type of relationships in the body.

Training Workshops

Occasionally we offer evening and weekend training programs. For example, we may hold a Friday and Saturday workshop on how to minister to children or maybe a class on evangelism.

Church Library & Book Table

The library and book table (books for purchase) are available for resources. There are a number of varying titles and authors. There are topical and exegetical studies. If you need help with a particular doctrine or practical ministry or with your walk with the Lord, talk to one of the elders and maybe he can point you to a great resource that will help you.