Past ABF Study Fall 2014

Our heart’s desire is to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). One of the ways we do this is with our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) program. We offer new ABF’s every twelve weeks. ABF is designed to take place for twelve classes during a sixty-minute time period (9:15-10:15) on Sunday mornings.

Before we begin ABF, at 9:00 AM, we enjoy coffee and pastries with one another. Afterward, at 9:15, we then move to our ABF rooms for a time of sharing and prayer before ABF begins.

shepherd life abf graphic

The Shepherd’s Life

This ABF is all about “where do we go from here” as a Church as we consider our future ministry needs. This ABF is the format that the CCC Shepherd’s have determined and designed to use for a detailed interactive bible teaching and interactive group discussion regarding the future full time Pastor/ Shepherd ministry needs of CCC. The ministry assessment team that is being assembled will have a role and input in setting some direction in this ABF. The Elders have established four goals of the study.


Goals of Shepherd’s Life study

1) To examine, learn and discuss via bible study and group discussion, the role of the Shepherd in the local church with the purpose of clarifying our biblical understanding and achieving unity.

2) To establish objective biblical criteria/standards for choosing a full-time Shepherd.

3) To establish a clear job description and a detailed list of questions for examining a candidate for full-time Shepherd.

4) To establish and encourage men in the body to love the Flock, to love the Church, to see its beauty and to desire to Shepherd the Flock of God.

If you Love the Church and are interested in playing a role in the future of the Church, then we urge you to participate in an important discussion and study. The study and discussion will “build” week to week, so plan on complete attendance if you can.