John Piper, helping us develop passion for the truth, and for the lost

Here is an excerpt from a sermon by John Piper entitled, “Why Expositional Preaching is Particularly Glorifying to God.” I saw the quote in another location initially, but found the source in case anyone was interested in llistening or reading the entire message. It was preached at the 2006 Together for the Gospel conference. Some of our CCC and Crossway folks attended in 2008, and a group may be going in April 2010 for anyone who is interested.

God did not ordain the cross of Christ or create the lake of fire to communicate the insignificance of belittling his glory. The death of the Son of God and the damnation of unrepentant human beings are the LOUDEST SHOUTS under heaven that God is infinitely holy, and sin is infinitely offensive, and wrath is infinitely just, and grace is infinitely precious, and our brief life—and the life of every person—leads to everlasting joy OR everlasting suffering.

If our preaching does not carry the weight of these things to our people what will? Veggie Tales? Radio? Television? Discussion groups? Emergent conversations?

God planned for his Son to be crucified (Rev 13:8, 2 Tim 1:9) and for hell to be terrible (Matt 25:41) so that we would have the clearest witness to what is at stake when we preach.

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