Have I Become Complacent?

Mis seen holding a copy of the recently translated Helong New Testament

Mis seen holding a copy of the recently translated Helong New Testament


Have I Become Complacent?

As camp director of Camp Good News, I had the honor and pleasure to work alongside some very fine young people. We had great fellowship and joy ministering the Gospel together in the vibrant summer ministry. Since leaving the ministry of Camp Good News, I have kept in contact with many of the former staff and have watched them mature in their faith and mature in life as they get married and start families of their own. Many have gone on to full-time ministry.

Nate is a former staff member who I stay in contact with and enjoy hearing from. Terri and I support Nate, and his wife Ivy, as they serve with SIL.

This past week, I received a newsletter update from Nate and Ivy. They shared about the joy of sharing the summer with Mis, a Bible translator from Timor. They share the following:

Mis came to Chiang Mai in April to study linguistics at the university where Nate is working. She already helped translate the New Testament for her language group (14,000 Helong speakers). But now she’s getting more training so she can continue to help with other translation projects in the region.

We were encouraged by what God is doing in Mis’ island through His Word. “Before when we read the Bible (in another language, called Bahasa), we didn’t understand. Now it is so clear it’s like a very sharp knife that cuts off our necks!” Mis said. “Some people are scared to read it because we know it is truth, and we must do what God says.”

But as scary as the Bible is, it’s not stopping Mis and others from her island from reading it. “When we have praise night people dance now because they have God’s joy. They don’t want to stop. I finally have to tell them to go home because morning is coming and the kids have to go to school!”

People scared to read the Bible because they know it is truth that must be obeyed? Staying up all night, forgetting the hour, rejoicing in the goodness of God? Have I become complacent?

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