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1259 Route 12A, Plainfield, NH | (603) 675-5673

Upcoming Events At Christ Community

Tue. Oct 29, 6:30 pm - Uplift Ministry Meeting

Sun. Nov 3, - Haynes Missionaries visit 
Sun. Nov 3, 12 pm - Widow/Widower luncheon
Sun. Nov 3, 12 pm - Christian Education meeting 
Thu. Nov 7, 9-12 - Community Resource Room
Sun. Nov 10, - Schwartz Missionaries visit 
Fri-Sat. Nov 15-16, 9-12 - Community Resource Room
Sun. Nov 17 - UPLIFT Ministry launch
Mon. Nov 18, 7 pm - Missions Meeting
Fri. Nov 22, 6 pm - Missions Movie Night
Sun. Nov 24 - Deacons/Deaconess meeting after church

Weekly Fellowship Opportunities

Home Fellowships

NOTE: Home Fellowships are on hiatus during the summer. We will resume meeting in September. 

True fellowship allows members to develop relationships with one another at a depth necessary to truly care for each others needs and hold one another accountable to the spiritual commitments we have made. For this reason we have made it a point to break down into smaller groups to eat (potluck style), sing, share, pray with one another, and study the Scriptures – in a more interactive way. These fellowships are a great way to encourage, love, and fellowship with one another in a personal and intimate setting. The home fellowships are the “heart-beat” of our discipleship program. Families with children are welcome.We have multiple home fellowships that meet on a weekly basis in communities surrounding Plainfield.  The home fellowships are designed around the four priorities of the church: worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism. The locations vary from season to season, so please call the church office for exact locations. Please contact us for more information about attending a home fellowship!

Tuesday's Men's Bible Lunch

Men come together for a time of fellowship and study of God's Word each Tuesday. Join us for fellowship and a deep dive into the Word. 

Swap Room

Are you looking for something or know someone else who need something? Come by our swap room at Christ Community Church where you can take what you need for free!

Music Ministry

Do you love to sing or play an instrument? Come on Thursday nights and check out our music ministry. This is where members come together fellowship and practice songs to worship the Lord for Sunday's service.

Music has a two-fold purpose in the worship of God. Music provides a means to praise and petition God, and it serves to encourage and teach other believers. The talent of singers and musicians is very helpful for uplifting, comforting, and inspiring God’s people. At Christ Community Church, we are thankful God has blessed us with talented musicians and singers who are dedicated to lead the musical portion of our worship services. Read More

Opportunities To Serve One Another

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Hospitality Ministry

If you are a member interested in serving as a greeter on Sundays, contact Wendy or Gary Brothers.

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Junior Church

We have Junior Church every week for our children to attend during the Worship Service.  If you can serve as a teacher or a helper, please speak to Becky Woodbury about training and serving.


Sunday School Muffins

If you would like to help set out the food before Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship, please contact the office. 

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Prayer Ministry

There is prayer for the Sunday morning services held in the ministry room on Sunday mornings at 8:40 a.m. Please join us to pray for God’s people and His work


Nursery Ministry

We have availability for members to serve during ABF or the Worship Service. If you can help, please speak with Amy Thompson about training and serving.


Coffee Ministry

The new coffee ministry signup sheet is on the counter in the fellowship hall next to where the coffee is served. Please sign up, if you can help with this ministry.