Enjoy God’s glory!

Are you seeking what is glorious?to God be the glory

If you want to be in the presence of a king, then you should seek the presence of the King of Kings, the one true God. He is the most powerful ruler there ever was or ever shall be. He commands the heavenly hosts; they are His army. Just one member of His heavenly host is able to defeat hundreds of thousands of soldiers who are trained for battle. God’s army is beyond number which makes His power absolute.

God is enjoyable to the uttermost. He is the most splendid picture you will ever lay your eyes upon. He has radiant and dazzling beauty and magnificence. He is a thrilling adventure full of excitement and pleasure. To be in His presence is awe-inspiring. His conversation is a delightful melody, His speech is wholesome, knowledgeable, interesting, engaging, fulfilling, and true.

When we are with God, He loves us like we have never been loved before. God loves us with a love that is pure, unselfish, and complete.

God is perfect; He defines perfection. God is love; He defines true love. God is holy and set-apart.

God is enjoyable and most pleasurable, but we need to also fear His perfect, righteous judgment. God is enjoyable because God does not allow sin or evil or any wrongdoing in His presence. His presence is safe, protected, clean, pure, and a haven for those that seek and desire safety in what is right, and what is good. There is safety in holiness. God judges evil and impurity and He casts it from Him as far as the east is from the west.

God is glorious. Nothing, not the most noble soldier; or the most knowledgeable scientist or philosopher; nor the most famed and loved celebrity; or the most decorated Olympian; the most majestic king; the most beautiful lily; the most gorgeous landscape; or the most brilliant and dazzling sunset, nothing, not one thing in the whole universe, is able to compare in any way to the most high, most glorious God.

God is eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, loving, merciful, Creator, Savior, and Judge. There is none like Him.

Today, in this life, live for the glory of God. Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God. In doing so, you will be in the center of His love, the center of His affections, and in the center of God’s strength. 

Be found in Jesus Christ who is the very radiance of the glory of God. God desires we know understand our union with Christ. Christ is our treasure and we should seek no other. Christ has all-strength, power, and might and His perfect love casts out all fear. Jesus Christ is our salvation, Fortress, Strength, and our very present help in time of need.

God is inviting you and God is inviting me to spend an eternal holiday in His glorious presence. Heaven is not heaven without the glorious presence of God. 

Make haste to worship the glory of God!

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