Do you Enjoy a Truly Blessed Life

jayadamsHave you ever felt like the Christian life is just “blah, blah, blah?” Here is an encouraging excerpt from Jay E. Adams about how to experience and enjoy a truly blessed life. Perhaps you haven’t been experiencing the kind or degree of blessing that you once did, or desire to. I think he points us in the right direction.

It is a great reminder of our need to be “living the word” in our daily lives. I also think it will steer those of you studying the book of James at home fellowship in the direction of some great applications of James 1:25, which you will probably study soon.

Here are his comments:

There are fascinating developments in store for every true believer. Some of them occur in this life; they will occur to all Christians in the life to come. Ours is not a “dull, somber, uneventful, faith.” It is an exciting one—even now—if and when you enter into it with fullness and determination.

“What does that mean?”

It means that you don’t play Christian; you live your faith. It means that you get excited whenever you discover some new truth in the Scriptures. But, of course, that doesn’t happen if you aren’t studying them. It means that you are thrilled when a relative or a neighbor to whom you have witnessed professes faith in Christ. But, of course, that doesn’t happen unless you witness. It means that your heart is warmed to see that couple who were at each other’s throats come back together in loving care and concern because you counseled them. But, of course, that doesn’t happen unless you counsel people.

“In other words, unless we understand, believe, and do what Christians ought to know, trust Him to bless our lives, and do what He commands, there will be no joy to our faith?”

You’ve got it. If your Christian experience isn’t challenging, exciting, interesting—something’s seriously missing. So, get with it, Christian. As James says, we are “blessed in the doing”(James 1:25c).

Well, how about it? Are you studying the Scripture, and experiencing blessing? Are you witnessing to the lost, and experiencing blessing? Are you counseling and encouraging others, and experiencing blessing? We could add a lot of similar questions to the list of how we are “blessed in the doing.” I would love to hear some of yours in the comment thread.

God bless you (really!).

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