Christianity, Local Church, Parachurch, or Kingdom Work? A Helpful Perspective.

Can we think of Christianity, or the work of God’s Kingdom, without thinking of it in terms of the local church. Today many Christians are just as content to serve and advance the cause of a parachurch ministry than serve or contribute in their local church (in some cases, more so). We have written and spoken much on matters regarding the local church. We are not alone in our commitment to the local church and its priority in the work of God’s kingdom.

In a post on The Gospel Coalition website titled, “My Church or the Kingdom?” Ray Ortlund makes this insightful comment.

“My passion isn’t to build up my church. My passion is for God’s Kingdom.”

Ever heard someone say that? I have. It sounds large-hearted, but it’s wrong. It can even be destructive.

Suppose I said, “My passion isn’t to build up my marriage. My passion is for Marriage. I want the institution of Marriage to be revered again. I’ll work for that. I’ll pray for that. I’ll sacrifice for that. But don’t expect me to hunker down in the humble daily realities of building a great marriage with my wife Jani. I’m aiming at something grander.”

If I said that, would you think, “Wow, Ray is so committed”? Or would you wonder if I had lost my mind?

If you care about the Kingdom, be the kind of person who can be counted on in your own church. Join your church, pray for your church, tithe to your church, participate in your church every Sunday with wholehearted passion.

We build great churches the same way we build great marriages—real commitment that makes a positive difference every day.

Thank you Ray Ortlund for this poignant and insightful reminder and practical admonition to be about the work of the kingdom BY being committed to local church ministry.


  1. Neil Petersen on November 4, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Thanks for the article. The more I get involved with believers out side my church the more the issue arises in conversations.

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