Chick Flicks are Dangerous? Food for Thought!

I ran across this interesting article by Beth Spraul (read it here), regarding the nature and potential dangers of “chick flicks.” Anyone who knows me well knows that I enjoy a good one, even sitting tirelessly with a satisfied grin on my face while watching the five-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice numerous times. How’s that for true confesiions.

Regardless of my own tastes, I have often reflected on the ways these films can shape our views of romance and marriage in a way that is unbiblical, and therefore potentially harmful. She draws a careful (but guarded) comparison of chick flicks distorting a woman’s view of romance similar to how pornography can distort a man’s view of sexuality. She then discusses what she calls “three powerful lies communicated to and believed by women through this genre.” I appreciated her main points (and think it can just as easily distort men too):

  1. Lie #1: Men think of romance and relational intimacy exactly like women do!
  2. Lie #2: If I marry the right man [woman], all will be right in my life.
  3. Lie #3: I will know that a man [woman] is right for me by feelings I get when I’m with him [her].

After explaining these points, she then shares her own personal experience in meeting and getting to know her husband. In the process she exemplifies some good principles to consider in dating, or in discipling our own older children in how to think as they get to the age of dating and courtship. Her recommendations at the end are very similar to the principles taught in “Holding Hands, Holding Hearts,” by Richard & Sharon Phillips.

I recommend this article for your edification, and welcome any comments.

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