The 4th Outdoorsmen Supper will be on March 2nd from 5 pm to 7 pm at Christ Community Church in Plainfield, NH. The aim, (no pun intended), is to share our love for the Lord and of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities with people in the Upper Valley by providing a free meal.

Do you like to tell hunting stories and laugh? We would like to hear from you about the funniest hunting story you have. It doesn’t even have to be true. Elaborate all you wish in the spirit of laughter. The requirement is that you must make us laugh:-)

Do you like to show off your trophies? We will have a picture show of your greatest kill if you wish to share a picture. You may bring a mounted deer head, antlers, a mounted fish, or anything you can carry to display in our hunting trophy section.

Please RSVP to attend the Outdoorsmen Supper by emailing or by calling the church office at (603) 675-5673.

Seats are limited to the first 100 people.

This event is free as is our salvation in the Lord. Please come to enjoy a time of eating, laughter, and conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

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