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Post-Christian Era Evangelism: Programs or Personal

 Evangelism has become more and more challenging as our culture has become less and less moored to its Christian heritage. The old ways of thinking, and the old ways of doing “outreach” and “evangelism” do not connect with most people today (and even less so here in New England). Here is the material that the…

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Romans 1, Homosexuality, and the Judgment of God

In my current preaching series through Romans, our church family had to join with me in navigating the ethical high wire act Romans 1:24-32—the New Testament passage that most clearly and thoroughly discusses the sin of homosexuality. This article is an “edited for reading” version of my two sermon manuscripts on that passage. It is…

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A Good Reason to Sing, guest blogger Paul Biebel

  Lately I have been meditating on the subject of our “calling.” I’m not sure why I seem stalled out on this subject but after spending several weeks on it in my devotions, I can do nothing but conclude that being called unto Christ is the highest blessing that can be poured upon a mortal…

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A Biblical Theology of War, part 3

Jesus, the Warrior King? Do the ethics of Jesus (“turn the other cheek,” “love your neighbor,” and “do unto others”) demand that we must always oppose every war? Some Christians (and non-Christians) believe so. Is that what the Bible teaches? In our last post we examined the unavoidable truth that “our unchanging God condones and…

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A Biblical Theology of War, part 2

God, the Commander and Chief? In the last post I suggested that the Bible contains one consistent and harmonious message whenever it speaks to any subject-even on the subject of war. I am convinced that God speaks on this subject with enough clarity to be understood, and in a manner that is completely consistent with…

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A Biblical Theology of War, part 1

As promised in Adult Bible Fellowship last Sunday, I am posting my articles on what the Bible teaches about War. It is a controversial topic that I attempted to think through biblically a number of years ago. No doubt the subject is one about which godly Christians will disagree. Let me begin by sharing some…

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