An upate on Crossway happenings from Craig and Tiffany

Here is an update of all that God is doing at Crossway! Much has transpired lately that we havent been able to tell you about. These are some exciting times!

IMG 0177First our building has been transformed with some new paint, junk removal, the addition of a fellowship/seating area, new sound system (see the picture to the right: new sound board and speakers) and nursery renovations. This old building is looking inviting and warm for all who walk through the doors. Aside from our regular church body of about forty members, we have had many other truth-seekers walking through the creaky, old wooden doors. This is the really exciting part and one of the main reasons for coming to Keene to reach out to a community starving for the Word of Christ.

We have had two young ladies from Columbia attending regularly while they are in the states. Though there is somewhat of a language barrier, we have had some sweet fellowship with these sisters from South America. A troubled young man named Wayne has been visiting for many Sundays. He is definitely searching for what is missing in his life and has had numerous conversations about his need for the gospel with about half of the people at Crossway! We are praying for his eyes to be opened. He has also brought five of his family members and friends on various occasions who also desperately need the Lord. Carlton is a middle aged man whom Laney Burch knows from work and has shared the gospel with. He has come quite a few times as well. We are trying to show him the love and truth of Christ . One older woman whom you can see wandering the streets of Keene on any given day has made it through our doors for hot coffee and goodies on two occasions. She has been welcomed into conversation with some of our members. We are hoping that she will someday stay to hear the message preached. She has heard the gospel from those in our church. Praise the Lord for this opportunity. We also have a new family who is in the process of membership-the Russos! They are strong in the Lord and desire to learn much more as they attend Crossway! They cannot get enough of the Word of God which makes it so wonderful to have them as part of our fellowship. Praise the Lord for adding them and their two little daughters to our Crossway family! We have had many, many others walk through those old doors. How exciting!

IMG 0169We have started mid-week fellowship meetings at the church which feel just like CCC home fellowships. We eat at 6, then begin singing and our study of James at 7pm. This is a great time with our family.

(picture on left: Dave Burch is studying in a storage room at the church.)

Many of our families after surviving many moves and job transitions this summer and fall have finally settled down and begun fellowshipping around a meal (or a board game or a movie) in each others homes. The Lord is uniting our diverse group together.

Beginning in March, we will have a monthly pot-luck, hymn sing and question/answer time after our Sunday morning meetings.

Counseling opportunities are plentiful as well. Our marquee outside says, “we provide biblical counseling.” We hope this draws people through our doors.

IMG 0166(Picture on right: Some room dividers that were painted at our workday.) We are sooo thankful for those that were able to help us on our workday! It was exciting to see things get done, but – man! – it was exciting to see friends from CCC! Working side-by-side with us! So encouraging!

Our hearts jump with excitement each time we have visitors from CCC. We sure do miss all of you and love you all so much! On any given Sunday when I spot a family from Christ Community come through the doors my first response is to want to cry (thankful tears) and then give hugs. It is SO GOOD to see you and your continuing love and support. Sometimes we feel isolated and lonely and miss the warmth and security of Christ Community. It is so good to see that you are still thinking about us and ministering to your church plant in the dark city of Keene. We are continuously reminded that this place is about as liberal and anti-God as any place in America and we have much work to do! Thank you for your continued partnership and prayers. We hope to see many of you at our upcoming Saturday events passing out invitations to the community to come to our grand opening service. This is our biggest outreach event yet and we feel small and unable to accomplish much on our own. Please come and help us if you can! God is on a mission to accomplish His will in Keene and New England. Please share in the labor with us! We love you and miss you all and will see you when Craig preaches at CCC on March 14th!

Craig and Tiffany Johnson

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