An Introduction to the Elders’ Blog

Welcome to the official elder’s blog of CCC! Let me try to answer some questions you may have about this blog.

What is a “blog”?
Blog is short for “weblog.” It is an online journal where an individual or a group share a running log of events, personal insights and reflections, or whatever else they want to say to their respective audience.

Most blogs provide an opportunity for the reader to respond by sharing his/her own comments.

What is the “elder’s blog”?
This is a way for the elders (pastors, overseers) of CCC to communicate with the friends and family of CCC. We plan to…

  • remind you about upcoming events at CCC
  • inform you of ministry opportunities
  • share insights and reflections from our personal study of Scripture
  • encourage you in your own walk with Christ and ministry to others
  • inform you about things “coming down the pike” at CCC
  • share prayer requests
  • refer and recommend to you online study tools, helpful articles on the web, etc.
  • ask you for feedback regarding CCC events and other things.

Can I respond to your posts?

Yes, we have provided an opportunity for you to respond to things we post. The comments are moderated (so don’t be surprised if your comment doesn’t show up on the site immediately). Also, we have a program that identifies spam comments (like junk email, but they show up in the “comments” on a blog)…so don’t put multiple links in any of your comments.

There are a couple rules for posting comments:

  • Be kind, loving and gracious
  • Stay on topic. If you want to tell us something unrelated to what we’ve posted, just send us an email.

Thanks for reading!

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