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We don’t claim to be perfect. We have problems just like everyone else. We have jobs and responsibilities. We experience times of sorrow and heartache and times of joy and gladness. Sickness and death touch us. In many ways, we are like everyone else. However, there is an exception. We are a community of people who love Jesus.

We love Jesus because He proves He loves us. We are sinful people who need God’s forgiveness and mercy. We put our faith in Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. We find great joy in being saved from eternal damnation by Jesus’ death on the cross. Because of Him, we know we have eternal life with God. That is why we sing and worship.

We read the Bible and know it is the truth. It speaks to our heart and provides wisdom for living. We study the Bible so that we may learn more about the goodness of God and His purpose for our life. Contrary to popular opinion, obedience to the commands of God is not a burden, but a blessing. It is our joy and privilege to help others discover the truth about God, Jesus, and salvation.

Please give us a call or drop by for a visit. We’d love to meet you and help you discover the truth. Whatever your need, the Bible has the answer. 

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