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Learn more about Church Membership and Baptism below.

Knowing Christ

Do you have eternal life? Check out some of these articles which explain from the Bible how you can be saved!

The Main Teaching of the Bible

What Is A Christian?

True of False?



Steps to take to become a member at CCC:

  1. Read the “Church Membership” brochure.
  2. Talk with one of the elders/pastors at CCC to express interest in church membership.
  3. Read the “What We Believe” brochure.
  4. Read the “Constitution” of CCC.
  5. Fill out the Membership Application.
  6. Take the membership class. Talk to one of the elders/pastors to arrange a time to take the class.



Steps to take to be baptized at CCC:

  1. Read the “Believer’s Baptism” and “Have You Identified with Christ by Being Baptized?” brochures.
  2. Talk with one of the elders/pastors at CCC to express interest in being baptized.
  3. Fill out the Application for Baptism.
  4. Pursue baptism in conjunction with church membership (if applicable).
  5. Prepare your testimony to present at the time of your baptism. You may find helpful the article, "Help for Writing Your Testimony."
  6. Talk to one of the pastoral staff to set a date for your baptism.