Our Leadership

Because we do not think that God has entrusted the leadership of any local congregation to a single individual, we do not have the common "senior pastor" model of leadership. We are guided by a team of pastors/elders, men gifted by God to oversee the church and affirmed by those in our congregation as men who meet the Biblical standards set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


Allen Burns - Elder/Shepherd - STAFF

Allen and Terri Burns have six children, all of whom are college age or above. They live in Claremont, NH. Allen has served on staff since August, 2010.


Neil Petersen - Elder/Shepherd - NON-STAFF

Neil and Cathy Petersen have three children (Jocelyn, Nick, and Tony). They live in Claremont, NH. Neil owns a pizza restaurant in Claremont, NH.


Zane Burke - Elder/Shepherd - NON-STAFF

Zane and his wife Kati are residents of Windsor, VT. They have three school-age children. Zane serves as a territory manager for Altria Group, Inc.

rick and kim bw

Rick Fillian - Elder/Shepherd - NON-STAFF

Rick and his wife Kim are residents of Windsor, VT. They have one adult daughter. Rick is employed at Biebel Builders. The Fillians are charter members of CCC.