Our Leadership

Because we do not think that God has entrusted the leadership of any local congregation to a single individual, we do not have the common "senior pastor" model of leadership. We are guided by a team of pastors/elders, men gifted by God to oversee the church and affirmed by those in our congregation as men who meet the Biblical standards set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


Allen and Terri Burns .

Allen Burns - Elder/Pastor (staff)

Allen and Terri Burns have six adult children and six grandchildren. They live in Claremont, NH. Allen has served on staff since August 2010. Terri serves as the church administrator. Prior to Christ Community Church, Allen and Terri were missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Allen's greatest joy comes from studying, teaching, and talking about God. His passion is to help people understand the truth of God's Word so they may know God and see Him as their greatest treasure.

Carl Hall

Carl Hall - Lay Elder

Carl and His Wife Priscilla live in Claremont, NH. They have 4 children, and a couple more that call them mom and dad. All told at the moment they have 7 grandchildren. Carl has worked in the lumber business for 42 years. Priscilla has worked with Carl for the past 17 years. The most important thing is Carl & Priscilla are sinners saved by grace. We have been called to serve the body of Christ in Worship of God and Discipling of the Saints.

Chad and Debby Pasho

Chad Pasho - Lay Elder

Chad and his wife Debby live in Hartland, VT with their three sons. Chad’s “day job” is business development for an engineering company. He loves marveling over the Gospel and God’s seemingly reckless plan to save sinners by grace alone, particularly with teenagers as they start to think for themselves. He enjoys learning and sharing about Jesus Christ, the Bible, history, and pretty much anything else, and how it all fits together in God’s perfect truth.


darren woodbury

Darren Woodbury


jerry cross

Jerry Cross


tim barnaby

Tim Barnaby