Worthless Religion vs Pure Religion

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May 17, 2015

James 1:26-27

Jerry Scheumann

Main Idea: James urges you to be a faithful doer of the Word by giving you three tests to see whether your religion is worthless or pure.


Test #1: If you do not BRIDLE your tongue, you are self-deceived and your religion is worthless. (2b)

5 Manifestations of an Unbridled Tongue

1) Quarelling (verbal conflict)(James 4:1)

2) Speaking Evil (speaking against someone else, slander, etc. (James 4:11)

3) Complaining (groaning & sighing at the faults of others (James 4:11)


Test #2 If you show practical love to the HELPLESS, your religion is pure and undefiled (v27)

  • Orphans
    • (we ought to care for orphans. They are in distress, they have no parents)
  • Widows
    • They don't have a companion to help care for themselves anymore.

Test #3: If you avoid the corrupting influences of the world, you religion is pure and undefiled (v27)

  • Worldliness in media:
  • Worldliness in money:
  • Worldliness in clothing:

Conclusion exhortation:
DO the WORD because Jesus is Lord!