Living according to the mercies of God (part 2)

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August 30, 2015

John 17

Allen Burns

Scripture reading: John 17

Sermon Title: Live according to the mercies of God (part 2)

Sermon Text: John 17

Key verse: Romans 12:1-2

MAIN IDEA: Jesus’ prayer to the Father reveals ten truths to inform and guide our relationship with the world.


❶ The Father and Son existed before the world (v.5, 24)

❷ God gave Jesus believers out of the world (v.6, 9)

❸ Jesus does not pray for the world, but only for believers (v.9)

❹ Jesus is not “in” the world but believers are (v.11)

❺ Jesus spoke in the world for the believers joy (v.13)

❻ The world hates believers (v.14, 16)

❼ Jesus does not want believers out of the world, but kept from the evil one (v.15)

❽ We are missionaries in the world (v.18)

Unity is a testimony for the world. (v.21, 23)

❿ The world does not know God (v.25)