God’s Olive Tree (part one)

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August 2, 2015

Romans 11:16-22

Allen Burns

Scripture reading: John 15:1-11

Sermon Title: God’s Olive Tree (part one)

Sermon Text: Romans 11:16-22

Key verse: Romans 11:22

MAIN IDEA: Humbly rejoice that we are able to participate in the riches of God’s salvation.

Rejoice in the richness of the root (v.17-18)

Recognize we abide in faith (v.19-21)

Remain humble before God (v.22)


If you’re grafted into the riches of Jewish salvation; don’t be arrogant for you don’t naturally belong.

If the natural branches were not spared; the wild branches may easily be removed as well

If you received God’s kindness; continue in His kindness