Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

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May 10, 2015

Psalm 103

Jerry Scheumann

Psalm 103
Main Idea: We are to join David in a fight to praise God with our whole being by reflecting upon 14 of God's benefits towards His people.

  1. Benefit#1: God forgives all your wrongdoing (3a)
  2. Benefit #2: God Heals all your diseases (v.3b)
  3. Benefit #3: God Rescues your from the pit (v.4a)
  4. Benefit #4: God exalts you by giving us a precious crown (v.4b)
  5. Benefit #5: God gives good things to satisfy and strengthen you (v.5)
  6. Benefit #6: God gives justice for all who are oppressed (v.6)
  7. Benefit #7: God has revealed Himself to you (v.7-8)
  8. Benefit #8: God's anger toward you is short lived (v.9)
  9. Benefit #9: God doesn't give you what you deserve for your sins (v.10)
  10. Benefit #10: God abundantly loves you (v.11)
  11. Benefit #11: God has completely forgiven you (v.12)
  12. Benefit #12: God tenderly has compassion upon you (v.13-14)
  13. Benefit #13: God loves you with an everlasting love (v.15-18)
  14. Benefit #14: God is the exalted ruler over everyone (v.19)