10 thoughts about Summer Ministry

summer ministry

In a few days, it will officially be summer. Often, we look upon summer as a time of ministry slow-down. Home fellowships stop or meet less often during the summer months. There are less scheduled church events during the summer. Some people go away on holiday for a few weeks at a time. Let me encourage each of us to “see” the ministry of summer. We should not confuse less church activity as equating to less ministry taking place in our personal lives. We never have less ministry, it just changes venues and format.

Consider these 10 ways ministry will place this summer:

  1. God never stops conforming us to the image of Christ. We are continually being molded and made into the people God wants us to be. Be mindful God is working in your life.
  2. During the summer, we have the opportunity to incorporate Christian living into our holiday and recreational activities. We may expand our worship beyond “how to live as a Christian in the workplace” to include “how to live as a Christian at the campground.”
  3. As we travel to new places, we have an opportunity to be a roving ambassador for Christ. We have the same responsibility but we have a change of scenery.
  4. The expanded hours of daylight and warmer weather give us greater opportunity to enjoy and marvel at God’s Creation.
  5. God providently placed each of us into a family. Summer often brings more opportunity for family get-togethers and reunions. Be sure to use these opportunities to interact with love and to speak with grace, hope, and truth.
  6. God is sovereign over the weather. Just as God used the winter to help us with patience and other virtues, God will use the elements of summer to grow our character. Embrace the elements.
  7. As people travel, we miss their presence. Sometimes, we may take a family or person for granted. When they are missing for a few weeks, we notice they are gone. Notice as people travel away from us how their absence leaves a mark. Be sure to let people know they were missed when they return.
  8. With the change of seasons comes the change of foods. We can be thankful our God is very creative and diverse in His creating of food. Enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. Let the abundance of harvest serve as a reminder to be a cheerful giver.
  9. As we look upon the greenery, corn fields, vegetable gardens, flowers, and hay fields, recognize how God uses all of these as a visual aid to understand His ways. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance God’s use of plant imagery in the Scriptures. Be sure to think about things such as sowing, planting, reaping, vines, branches, olive branch grafting, fig tree withering, and the wheat and the tares.
  10. During the summer heat, much of the world “lets loose” with their morals. During summer, people tend to be more care-free and less reserved in their clothing, revelry, and inhibition. Remember, God said be holy as I am holy. Pray God gives you the strength to be pure, chaste, and free of worldly lusts; for His glory and your joy.


Enjoy Summer!